Paleo Fish Pie

Paleo Fish Pie

As requested by the beautiful Serena Thong …Fish Pie!

This is my paleo version of the very classic British fish pie. If you are in a hurry, this is not the right dish to attempt, however if you have a little bit of time, it’s perfect and worth it, because it is easy to make. For my family, fish pie is comfort food, and this slightly sweeter paleo version is preferred by my family to the original!
It is actually very close in many ways to the original classic fish pie recipe, with only three paleo ingredient changes: sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, tapioca startch instead of plain flour, and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. Thus the resulting dish is almost authentic.

Paleo Fish Pie Recipe


  •  5 egss – hard boiled and peeled (leave out for egg free version)
  •  ½ an onion
  •  5 cloves
  • 1 portion of skinless ling fish (or other firm white fish)
  •  1 portion of skinless smoked fish such as cod or haddock
  •  a few sprigs of dill (leave out for autoimmune protocol)
  •  3 large sweet potatoes – chopped, cooked and mashed.
  •  2-3 bay leaves
  •  a handful of cooked prawns
  •  400ml carton coconut milk (or a full can)
  •  water ~ 1½ tsp tapioca starch (Use 1tsp arrowroot for autoimmune protocol)
  •  1 portion of skinless salmon fillet


  1. Stud the onion with cloves and place into the coconut milk together with the bay leaves and a cup of water. Heat while stirring.
  2. Once it has reached a rolling boil, turn heat down to a gentle simmer and add the fish.
  3. After 8 minutes of poaching, remove the fish with a slotted spoon and place into a pie baking dish. This should be nice a deep and around 30cm X 25cm, won’t make must diffence if a big bigger or smaller.
  4. Discard bay leaves and onion, then add a little salt to the coconut milk and taste. Some smoked fish contain more salt than others so you have to judge the amount of salt Corrent for yourself.
  5. Mix tapioca starch with ½ cup cold water and add to the milk. Heat stirring for a few minutes. The sauce should thicken and once it starts to bubble, it’s ready.
  6. Scatter the prawns and egss over the fish. Then throw over chopped dill and freshly milled black pepper.
  7. The sauce can then be poured evenly over the entire dish.
  8. Top with mashed sweet potato and spread evenly with the back of a fork.
  9. Bake at 180ºC for 40 – 45 minutes. Don’t worry if the sauce starts to come up through the potato, it’s quite normal. Serve steaming hot with a salad, steamed vegetables, or just as it is.

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